Your Affordable, Local Louisville Plumbers

Durbin Plumbing offers 30+ years of experience in residential  and commercial plumbing services in Louisville, KY, which means we've seen it, can repair it, replace it, or newly install it in less time (at lower costs) than most of our competition. Local, Louisville plumbing experience means we know the neighborhoods ... particularly the plumbing issues of neighborhoods and homes of any age. With the diversity of plumbing issues in Louisville, go with experience, and we will earn the privilege of being your plumbers. 


Your Plumbers for Affordable Water Heater Replacement, Installation and Repair, Louisville KY


Durbin can repair and install gas and electric, residential and commercial water heaters ... efficiently and affordably. If you need a new water heater, let us help you with these gas prices! $100 Gas Card with a new water heater install! Call us!

  • Ruud

  • Rheem

  • Bradford White


Your Plumbers for Drain Cleaning, Louisville, KY


A clogged drain can ruin your day and cause water damage if not serviced immediately. Durbin provides fast, reliable, affordable drain unclogging, cleaning, repair, replacement and installation of all types of drains:

  • Kitchen/Bathroom Drain Unclogging

  • Main/Sewer/Basements Drains


Your Plumbers for Pipe Leak Repair, Louisville, KY

With 30+ years of Louisville plumbing experience with leaky pipes of every type (new or over 100 years-old), Durbin Plumbing should be your first call for water leaks, pipe repairs and installation of new lines, valves and faucets. 

  • Metal Plumbing: Copper, Steel, Iron

  • Plastic: PVC, Pex, ABS

  • Valve and Faucet Replacement, Installation


Your Plumbers for Running Toilets, Toilet Repair, Louisville, KY

Call Durbin Plumbing for any broken toilet or constantly running toilets. Along with a variety of old commodes in Louisville, the attached plumbing can present challenges for newer plumbers. Entrust your toilet plumbing needs with the experience of Durbin.

  • Broken Toilet Repair

  • Running Toilets

  • Residential & Commercial Toilet Plumbing


Plumbers for Sump Pump Repair & Replacement, Louisville, KY

Durbin Plumbing offers more than 30 years of Master Plumbing experience with the repair, replacement and installation of sump pumps, plus the plumbing to move that water up and away from your foundation. More experience means faster work and lower costs.

We work only with Zoeller Pumps, known for reliability and made right here in Louisville, KY.

  • Residential and Commercial Sump Pump Repair, Replacement and Installation

  • Sump Pump Plumbing to Discharge Water Up and Away from Foundation


Your Plumbers for Backflow and Pressure Testing and Correction, Louisville, KY

You don't want to drink water that you shouldn't be drinking. Backflow prevention with cross-connection plumbing will ensure that your drinking water is potable (i.e., not contaminated with waste water). RPZ Pressure Testing will identify any points of reduced pressure where plumbing would need to correct the pressure.

  • Backflow Testing and Prevention

  • Cross-Connection Plumbing

  • RPZ Reduced Pressure Testing